We are Light Efficient Design

About the Company

Light Efficient Design, located in Cary, IL, launched our LED light bulb business in 2008, under the ownership of Tim Taylor, a seasoned professional with decades of electrical distribution experience.  The company was built upon the strident effort to lead the industry with innovative screw-in LED retrofit manufacturing.  Company values include distributor and ESCO relationship loyalty, product quality and innovation.  Light Efficient Design is renowned for service excellence.


Our signature product, the screw-in high power LED retrofit for HID fixtures, catapulted us ahead in the market, providing rapid growth and significant recognition on Inc. Magazine and Crain’s Chicago Business ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ lists for several consecutive years.  Subsequently, our product line exploded and now includes pin-base retrofits, retrofit kits, fixtures and various specialty solutions.


With a mission to continually evolve, at the start of 2018, Light Efficient Design acquired RemPhos Technologies, of Danvers, MA.  Specializing in product customization and environmentally friendly LED lighting, RemPhos has a solid reputation within the lighting industry.  Their LED modules, retrofits, luminaires and custom designs are efficiently lighting a broad variety of spaces including hospitals, entertainment facilities, schools and sports complexes.  Now partnering together, the new Light Efficient Design can bring superior lighting power to spaces of any kind.


After ten years of success and growth, Light Efficient Design has gone from a company of 3 to a team of over 50 people.  We have 10 distribution centers worldwide.  Since partnering with RemPhos, the company has production facilities to customize LED products and qualify for BAA.  Focusing on lighting any commercial space with our unique products, Light Efficient Design is equipped to update any space with efficient solutions.

About RemPhos

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, RemPhos Technologies has a strong presence in the LED lighting industry. The company’s first alliance was with OSRAM Sylvania and Siemens in the production of fixtures using its phosphor embedded polymers. Building off that platform, RemPhos has spent almost 10 years developing and manufacturing an array of new products.

Focusing on environmentally friendly, efficient LED lighting, our products render energy-wasting traditional lighting obsolete. Today a focused line of LED modules, retrofits and luminaires are lighting multi-family housing, hospitality venues, educational institutions and sporting complexes. Our custom designed solutions are utilized in tunnels, airport runways, marine vessels and entertainment facilities.

Continually looking at other ways to apply its experience in solid state lighting, RemPhos is passionately involved in the development of medical products which will enhance and save lives.

David L. Gershaw (born in 1987) is an American inventor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of two high-tech design and manufacturing companies. As a high school student David started his first company designing and producing an LED upgrade for BMW headlights sold through BMW parts catalogs and distributors nationwide. He filed his first patent at 17 and has since authored 9 patents related to LED technology. In 2008 while earning his engineering and business degrees, he launched RemPhos Technologies.

David is determined to have RemPhos reduce America’s carbon footprint through lighting alternatives and believes that LED technology is a proven solution. He shares his knowledge as a guest presenter at industry conferences, and as an invited student mentor for non-profit and academic presentations.