New Lighting Serves Up Savings


RemPhos LED Tennis Court lighting retrofits give Bosse Sports Center the competitive edge.

Directly off of Route 20 in Sudbury, Massachusetts, sits “Bosse Sports” a beautiful fitness complex. D.J. Bosse, native of Pretoria, South Africa, came to the US on a full tennis scholarship to Texas Tech at the age of 16. As the #1 junior tennis player in South Africa and an avid business man, this was the opportunity which would open doors to an exciting tennis and business career. Dedicated to continuous innovation in sports industry, DJ’s venture was to develop and build a comprehensive family sports experience in a high end market.

Bosse Sports boasts a dedicated indoor dome with 10 professional style tennis courts. The owners were interested in lowering their large energy usage from the existing 1000W (1200W with ballast) HID lighting. At the same time, an increase in light levels were desired based on player’s feedback. In addition the short life of the existing HID lamps meant that the maintenance department was overwhelmed with costly lift rentals to service the fixtures high up in the dome.

RemPhos Technologies and TEM Energy Solutions, a Massachusetts based energy contractor teamed up with National Grid (the utility company servicing Sudbury Massachusetts) and proposed retrofitting all 60 of Bosse’s 1200W lighting fixtures with the RemPhos Highbay LED Retrofit Kit. RemPhos’ LED Kit is easily retrofitted into the existing fixture with minimal modifications. Energy consumption dropped to 300W per fixture with the new LED system. Light output levels increased 30% and maintenance will no longer be an issue with a >50,000hr life span.

National Grid provided a strong incentive which resulted in less than a 2yr payback on the investment for the club. The low cost of RemPhos’ LED Kit, plus the incentive, made it an easy decision for Bosse’s management. The project was completed in July of 2013 and the players claim their game has improved from cleaner, crisper illumination.