Gulf Station Rebrands with LED

“What I needed to do,” said Route 114 Gulf Gas Station owner Javed, “was to dramatically improve both the look and the safety of the stations fuel and retail environments.   I wanted to make the location more inviting to draw in more of the traffic that passes by on a daily basis.”

The facility, a 24/7 operation, is located on an extremely busy East to West highway and was in need of a face lift according the Javed.   After looking for some time, Javed finally turned to Danvers based RemPhos Technologies to revamp the inside and outside lighting at the station.   RemPhos recommended replacing the current inside and outside lighting with new, environmentally sound LED technology.

This technology actually met and exceeded the original replica watches goals that Javed had set.   “The inside of the store before we switched to LED lighting seemed dull to me,” said Javed, “but after RemPhos replaced our old florescent lights with their LED products, the store came alive”

RemPhos LED solution dramatically improved the amount and quality of the light throughout the station.     Volumes for both the omega replica uk fuel and retails sides of the business increase, while at the same time the cost of lighting the building began to decrease due to the incredible efficiency LED Technology. RemPhos replaced the stations old, outdated 400watt exterior bulbs with 120watt LED units and it installed its LED T8 tubes inside to replace the old T8 florescent lights.   This switch which literally paid for itself in 16 months based on electricity cost savings alone

“We used our newest and most innovative LED lighting products in the Danvers Gulf upgrade project” said RemPhos President and CEO David Gershaw.   This was actually one of the first opportunities RemPhos had to utilize many of its LED lamps in one place for both exterior (canopy, perimeter, down light) and interior (T8 tube, signage, refrigeration).

“Gulf Corporate was keen on keeping the overall “look” of the service station the same before and after,” said Gershaw, “so we paid close attention to that look when designing and selecting the products we used.   Living in the area, I have personally driven by the station many times over the years, and now it is dramatically more visible and appealing from the road.”

With the low operating costs of our LED lighting products and their incredibly long life span, RemPhos can help business owners reduce both power and maintenance expenses and at the same time improves the looks of their operations as well.