First Class Hotel Improves Look

Boston waterfront hotel will see over a $250,000 lighting cost reduction over the next 10 years.

RemPhos LEDCR® flush mount ceiling fixture retrofit selected to illuminate corridors.

Guests of this Boston luxury hotel enjoy spectacular views and a contemporary atmosphere. However lighting the hotels interior corridors and maintaining guest safety continued to be a costly challenge.

The Marriott Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel has 16 guest room floors. Each floor is illuminated by glass and nickel trimmed flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, powered by 40W PL-style fluorescent lamps. But, expensive ballast failures were a constant occurrence, and because new ballasts would come in different physical footprints, the team had to remove fixtures from the ceiling to do the swap, which is a labor intensive undertaking. The high failure rate was most likely due to the fixtures running too hot for the internal florescent components. As such, the high end lighting fixtures were either non-illuminating or those that were illuminated, flickered. Replacing the current fixtures with new LED fixtures was not an option since this particular style of fixture was no longer available.

RemPhos Technologies recommended illuminating all 350 of Renaissance’s corridor lighting fixtures with the RemPhos LEDCR® Circular Retrofit Kit. RemPhos’ LED Kit is easily retrofitted into the existing fixture with minimal modifications. Energy consumption dropped to 12W per fixture with the new LED system. Light output levels increased 40% and maintenance will no longer be an issue with a >50,000hr life span. Since the LEDCR® has UL1598C and Energy Star® certifications, there is no concern over safety or overheating inside the small fixtures.

Following the installation of 350 RemPhos LEDCR® 1600LM-2700K 12W kits, Renaissance reduced its annual electricity use by 85,000 kWhs – nearly a $25,000 lighting cost savings based on a $0.025 kWh rate and 24 hours of operation a day.