RemPhos is passionate about providing the highest quality testing services to our clients. Our suite of testing services offers an industry-leading approach to optical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical evaluation of LED luminaires. Testing at RemPhos begins with a consultation with the lab technicians who are directly responsible for executing all testing. This meeting allows RemPhos to collaboratively determine the exact requirements of the request in order to provide an efficient custom testing package. After the parameters of the test are determined, RemPhos completes the test and sends you the detailed results.



Our facilities uses state-of-the art equipment to test and interrogate a proposed design or validate existing solutions. Our data format is completely dependent on our customer requirements in either raw data or through graphical plots or a combination of both.


  • – Luminous Flux
    • – Radiant Flux
    • – Chromaticity
      • • CCT
      • • Cx, Cy
      • • CRI
  • – Efficacy
    • • Efficiency of driver
    • • Lumens per watt
  • – Color Temp Plotting w/MacAdam Ellipses

Test Platforms:
Integrating Sphere / Goniophotometer

Test Environments:
Class 100K clean room / HEPA Filtration


We understand the limitations of off the shelf designs as well custom designs for a specific application. In doing so we have created a host of test technologies that will allow our customers to functionally isolate key components of a given design:

Driver efficiency
Circuit design
Dimmer control
UL / CE compliance
Voltage/Current balancing



We offer 3D simulation using either ProEngineer or SolidWorks for creating part assemblies. We then use TraceProand LightToolsfor optical simulation and ANSYS for thermal simulation. Once created, we can quickly rapid prototype 3D objects to physically demonstrate the designs. We can 3D print optically clear and metallic parts.

Thermal/Optical Analysis
3D Simulation Models
3D printed parts
Wire/die bonding
Die shear testing


Leveraging our experience in polymers, we can create custom polymer blends through the use of proprietary technologies and in-house extrusion and injection molding capabilities. Our ability to work with very unique polymer applications is what sets us apart.

Custompolymer blends